Race Day information

Saturday, September 10, 2022

*Please read and understand the race day rules

*Make sure all your team members have registered and remind any team members to register. In order to race and pick up t-shirt all runners must be registered. Click here to view relay teams


6:30am Recommended arrival time

7:00am Race Check In Begins

  • First Runner will check in at least 15 minutes prior to start time then line up at the start

  • 20 mile will check in with all other runners in race village

7:20 am 20 mile start. Runners will be released in time trial format, 1 runner every 10 seconds

7:30 am 26.2 mile start. Runners are released in time trial format, 1 runner every 10 seconds

7:30 - 8:10am Relay teams are released in time trial format, 1 runner every 10 seconds. Please be at the start line when you are scheduled to start

12:00 p.m. Unofficial race results start to become available, no awards given on race day

2:00pm Finish line closes.  All teams and solo runners must maintain a pace of 13:30 min mile or faster

Runner instructions

Solo Runners

20 mile race will start in a separate location from the other runners. The 20 mile course will be 4 laps and will not cross the dam on the first lap. Please refer to the maps below, there will also be signage on the course for this. 

20 and 26.2 Solo runners will be able to check a bag at the aid station in race village. Your race number will be attached to this bag and it will be monitored. You can bring what ever extra nutrition you might need. 

Relay Runners

Runner 1 will check in 15 minutes prior to the teams assigned time. They will pick up the team bib with timing chip and a race belt. Only Runner 1 needs to check in and pick up number. 


The race bib must be exchanged to the next runner before crossing the timing mat for each lap except on the last lap when the last runner finishes. 


The timing mat records your teams start time, lap times (5.24 miles) and finish time. It does not record individual times. 


Teams who wish to run certain distances other than 5.24 mile laps will be allowed to exchange outside of the official exchange zone. Your team is responsible for deciding where they want to exchange and you must exchange off of the running path. We recommend exchanging at mile markers, miles 1 - 5 will be marked. Please make a plan before the race. 


Your team will be able to set up a spot to hang out in the Team Zone Areas. This is based on a first come first serve basis. There will be fun games going on during the race which including volleyball, bean bag toss and ladder ball. 

Shirt Pick Up & Runner Food

Each runner will pick up their shirt at the shirt pick up tent before they run. When you pick up your shirt you will receive a food ticket that will allow you into the runner food area. One ticket is allowed per runner. All runners will receive: 1 granola bar, water, banana and potato chips. Please bring any extra food or drink that you will need for race day. 

The Nautical Bowls food truck will be at race village so bring some extra cash and treat yourself. 

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getting to the race / parking

Vehicle Parking Permit Required 

All vehicles that enter the park must have a parking pass for the day (if your vehicle already has an annual parking pass the day pass is not required).

A park staff member will direct you on which lot to park in depending on availability. Once parked you will walk to race village and check in. If you are bringing extra stuff for race village keep this in mind because you will need to carry it there. 


Click here for driving directions: Coon Rapids Regional Park 9750 Egret Blvd NW Coon Rapids, MN 55433

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