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RELAy teams


  • Start recruiting a 2 - 5 person team

  • The captain will register themselves, the team name, and pay for the entire team.

  • They captain will also create a team password that they will send to other runners so they can join the team. 

  • Teammates will register themselves by clicking "Join your team" and select the appropriate team. Enter the password from the team captain to complete the registration.

  • Each team member must register themselves and sign the waiver.  

  • The minimum age is 16 years old at the date of the event. They must have a parent or legal guardian racing with them on the same team. 

  • All team registrations are final, there are no refunds. 

  • Individual registrations are transferable to another runner. To transfer email us and let us know the current registrants name and email and the name and email who the registration will be transfered to.

  • You must have an Anoka County Parks vehicle pass or purchase a day voucher during registration.


Organizing a Team

Choose a type of team, whether it be 2 people or up to 5 people.  Each team will be classified as a female, male, or co-ed team.


  • Every team needs a team leader who has strong leadership and communication and who is excited about the event! The team leader will be in charge of registering the team, collecting entry fees from teammates, and keeping everyone accountable and dedicated to the event.

  • Your team needs to have an average pace of approximately 11 minutes per mile pace in order to finish the course in the specified timeline (This is the team pace, not the individual pace). If you did not enter it at time of registration you can enter it here. This should be formatted as minutes per mile, (i.e. 9min/mile pace). To accurately project a team’s pace, take each individual runner’s 10K race pace and calculate an average team pace.


Once a team has been organized, we recommend the team meet prior to the event to work out logistics.

  • What order will team members run in?

  • What length will each member run?

  • How is everyone arriving and do they have the needed parking pass?

  • Note: Teams will be allowed to exchange outside of the official exchange zone as long as they cross the timing mat appropriately at the start and finish area. Each team is responsible for deciding where they want to exchange and all exchanges must be off of the running path. We recommend exchanging at mile markers, 1 – 5 will be marked.


Online Team Finders 

If your team is looking for runners or you are an individual looking to join a team, a great resource is the MN Relay Run Facebook page.  Within the page, runners and teams can reach out and communicate to find a match.

You can also complete the Team Finder Form and we will do our best to connect you with other runners.

Start Times 

7:30am - 8:10am - Relay teams will assigned start times based on accurate pace predictions, so it is critical for a successful event that each runner has an accurate 10K pace.


Your team needs to have an average of at least an 11 minute mile pace in order to finish the course in the specified timeline.  Should your team fall far enough behind pace that you are falling behind course closure times, staff will work with your team to get you back within the course support limits.

Your teams official start time will be emailed out before the race and posted on the website. 

7:30am - Solo 26.2 and 20 miler start. Solo runners must maintain a pace of 13:30 minutes per mile or faster. 


All runners that are running the first leg are required to check in their team at the Start Line. Teams will not be allowed to start until they have checked in.


Upon check-in at the start line, runner 1 will receive a race number along with a relay race belt. The number will have a timing chip on it and be exchanged to each runner at the exchange zone. 

The MN Run Relay counts toward the MN RUN Series 4 Plus Challenge! If you run 4 or more MN Run Series in the same calendar year you receive additional Series Gear - click here for details.

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